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QUEST MX801 Speaker Weatherproof

Not just another new speaker range, the MX Series is a system of audio building blocks that allows architects and venue designers to create a seamless full range audio presence, without compromising on aesthetics. The range is based around a 6” or 8”, two-way, full range, wall or ceiling mountable loudspeaker and can be augmented with a very compact subwoofer system.

Ceiling speaker versions are also available. The Ultra-compact MX601 and MX801 loudspeakers are very low profile and feature Hi-Fi quality audio reproduction, withstand direct all-weather environments, and include an installation friendly mounting system that is both elegant and practical.


Revealing Details
The objective for the Engineers of the MX Series Indoor/Outdoor line-up was to take the compact wall mount speaker to a new standard of performance.

This meant consulting with a wide range of venue and public space designers to determine what is needed in a modern designed architectural space. To achieve the desired outcomes a completely new approach to the design was required, both technically for the audio performance, and in developing new manufacturing techniques.


Max SPL *calculated112 dB
Sensitivity *5-band average93 dB
Frequency Response75Hz 20kHz ±2dB
Transformer Taping100V: 20w/30w/40w/60w
70V: 10w/15w/20w/30w
Amplifier PowerRMS 100W          Peak: 200W
TransducersHF: 25mm Titanium Dome Tweeter
LF: 8 High Performance Polypropylene Woofer
Directivity *H x V150° x 120° -10dB
ConnectionsCaptive Screw Terminal Plug (In/Thru)
Environmental Ingress RatingSpeaker Cabinet IP56 (IP67 when used with IPMX1 kit)
Dimensions *H x W x D345 x 202 x 243mm
Net Weight4.3 kg
Shipping Weight6.0 kg
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