WHARFEDALE-PRO SL1224USB Analog Mixer studio/live




  • Full Duplex 2 In/2 Out 16-Bit 48 KHz USB Interface

  • Dedicated USB Recording Bus (Excluding SL 424)

  • Switchable Line/USB Return Channels (Excluding SL 424)

  • Studio Grade Phantom Powered Microphone Pre-Amps

  • Headphone output

  • PFL for All Channels (excluding SL424USB)

  • Control Room and Headphone Outputs

  • Ultra Musical 3-Band EQ with High Pass Filters

  • Digital FX (excluding SL424USB)

  • 2 Auxiliary Sends (1 Send on SL 424)

  • Stereo Return with Level Control

  • Pan and Balance Controls

  • Master Output XLR & TRS Connectors


SL Series Press Release

Designed to cater for a wide range of mid format mixing duties, the SL Series includes many features suited to both live sound and home studio applications.

A high quality class-compliant 2-input 2-output 16-bit / 48 KHz USB interface features on all models, with larger models featuring a flexible record bus and dedicated return channel that is great for live and home recording.

Studio grade microphone preamps are used throughout the range and have balanced XLR inputs. All channels also deliver balanced/unbalanced TRS line level connectivity. In addition, all of the mono channels on larger models have a TRS insert point.

An ultra musical 3-band EQ is available on all channels, with an additional high pass filter on the mono channels. The SL824 USB and SL1224 USB feature a built in FX processor with 16 presets, giving unlimited creative potential. The on-board FX is supplemented by a dedicated FX send and 2 auxiliaries.



  • 12 x XLR input

  • 14 x 6.3mm line input

  • 3-band EQ

  • Insert points

  • 2 x 6.3mm outputs

  • 2 x XLR balanced outputs

  • USB Interface

  • 16 x internal FX 


 PLug and Play

You don’t need any special ‘Wharfedale Pro’ driver software to make an SL mixer work perfectly with a Windows, Mac or Linux computer.  

Simply connect the SL mixer to the computer with the USB cable and, because the mixer is a ‘Class Compliant’ USB audio device, it will simply use the internal driver software of your host computer.  With the mixer connected and turned on, just select the USB audio driver in your system settings/device manager and suddenly you’ve got a digital audio connection to and from your computer.

2-channels into the computer and 2-channels out.  All over the supplied USB cable.  



Musical eq

 An ultra musical 3-band EQ is available on all channels, with dedicated FX send and auxiliaries.

USB Audio Interface

 With a built-in USB audio interface, the SL series enables a stereo in/out which can be used for playback of audio files from your PC or Mac, and can also record the master output of your mixing desk. 

16-bit / 48 KHz recording ensures 2-channel CD quality audio, whether working in a live or studio environment.


SL824USB and SL1224USB feature the FX logic DSP processor which delivers a total of 16 effects. These include a variety of delays, reverbs, chorus, and rotary speaker algorithms, achieving a professional touch on your mix and lending itself to more creative sound engineering styles.

By name, the 16 FX are……

(1)Hall1 (2)Hall2 (3)Room1 (4)Room2 (5)Room3(6)Plate reverb1 (7)Plate reverb2 (8)Plate reverb3 (9)Chorus (10)Flange (11)Delay1 (12)Delay2 (13)Chorus/Room1 (14)Chorus/Room2 (15)Bypass (16)Rotary speaker.

All very useable, in the real-world!



SL series do not use a ‘wall wart’ external power supply.  The AC cable is included and the internal transformer ensures smooth power delivery to the internal electronics.




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