Versadrive 4 ชาแนล DSP + FIR ภายใน 24-bit 96 KHz AD/DA การเชื่อมต่อ USB / RS232 / RS485 / RJ45



Versadrive DPS


To get the most from any PA system, external signal processing is essential.

To route, tune and to protect. The new flagship SC-48 FIR Versadrive delivers new levels of processing power and parameter control to get EVEN more from any PA system. What’s new about this model ? The clue is in the product code ! FIR Filtering !

FIR Filtering gives independent control of magnitude and phase, more detailed equalisation and optimisation of frequency and power response. This leads to highly improved system performance. The SC-48 FIR has 4 input channels and 8 output channels. This makes routing and distribution for large systems as simple (or as complex) as the project requires.

Remote control editing via PC is handled by USB connection, D-sub connector (RS485) and RJ45 connector (Ethernet). Editing software is included and downloadable at the bottom of this page. In the end, SC-48 FIR brings improved system performance through the inclusion of powerful FIR filtering. Let’s get serious!

Think dif-FIR-ently about DSP!

Software control

All parameters of the SC-48 FIR can be controlled via PC.

Not only is this extremely convenient, but a clear central graphical representation of your EQ and crossover points are displayed. This also makes light work of copying channel settings and organising your presets.

Using the PC software also allows for system backups to be made.


Not all DSP is made equal!

SC-48 FIR has independent RMS compressors AND Peak limiters on all of the 8 outputs.


  • Independent control of magnitude and phase. 
  • More detailed equalisation.
  • Optimization of frequency and power response.

Effects to control your rig

A huge selection of effects are at your fingertips.

The input side includes Gain, Mute, Link, High-pass filter, Low-pass filter, Noise Gate, 8-band parametric EQ, 31 band graphic EQ, Phase and Delay.

For the output section, make your setup using any combination of Crossover, 5-band parametric EQ, Gain, Mute, Compressor / Limiter, Phase, Delay and Linking.

Expand your rig

While one SC-48 FIR is powerful in its own right, the RS485 connection opens up capabilities to link up to 255 units, with remote control from up-to 1500 metres.

Complete stadiums, superclubs or any multi-room install is now easily managed by one person on their laptop. The USB connection and supplied software work as another visual aid with access to update your own presets for different events.


DSP Quality

All Versadrive models features the highest quality 24-bit 96 KHz AD/DA convertors and the internal DSP is handled by a 40-bit processor.  

From input and output phase adjustment, delay timing, compression, limiting, parametric EQ, and multiple choices of HP and LP filtering, it’s easy to tweak the parameters until the system is perfectly balanced. 



  • Complete digital sound processing solution

  • Internal DSP + FIR filtering

  • 4 in / 8 out matrix

  • AES Digital input

  • Password protection for venue install

  • 24-bit 96 KHz AD/DA convertors

  • RMS compressors AND Peak limiters on all outputs

  • USB / RS232 / RS485 / RJ45 connectivity

  • User friendly software included



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