MULTI-POSITION PA SYSTEM ลำโพงพกพา 6 นิ้ว 150 วัตต์

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Be the hero of the party with this Bluetooth speaker that delivers big sound from a rugged, all-in-one system. Stream from a mobile device, plug in a microphone, or even your favorite musical instrument. It’s lightweight and has a convenient carry-handle so it’s easy to bring nearly anywhere. Plus, with the optional rechargeable lithium-ion battery (sold separately), you can use your portable S1 Pro speaker anywhere too. This speaker is just what you need for parties, outdoor get-togethers, and all those times you need your voice and music to be heard.


Bose S1 Pro Portable Bluetooth® Speaker System
  • Sound like a pro
    Built-in ToneMatch processing and Auto EQ make it easy to get great sound nearly anywhere.
  • Optional battery available
    The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lets you bring big sound wherever the fun is, with up to 11 hours of playback. Use the Quick Charge function when you need to recharge in a hurry.
  • Place and play
    Built-in sensors and multiple aiming positions make sure you have optimal sound in nearly any position — whether it’s on the ground, on its side, tilted back, or elevated.
  • Take control of the good times
    Download the Bose Connect app to access additional options and features like Party Mode, so that you can stream audio to a second system for even more sound.


Sound OptionsAudiences up to 50, Ferrite Speakers, Shielded Speakers, Stereo, Party Mode (When Enabling Two Speakers)
Audio cable includedNo
Entire Product System13.1" H x 9.4" W x 11.1" D (15.5 lb)
Product MaterialAluminum, Polypropylene, Steel
Battery Life11 hours
Battery Charge Time2.5 hours
Charging Interface(s)Battery
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth, Wireless Connectivity
Bluetooth Version4.0
Bluetooth RangeUp to 30 ft (9 m)
Bose AppBose Connect App, L1 Mix App
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