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T1 Series Touchscreen Monitor 11.6”

Compact & Accurate Ideal for Small Machines

Embedded|Wall-Mounted|Desktop, Versatile Mounting Solutions



Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Plug & Play Support Touch Gestures in Windows 11/10

Adopting the industry-leading mainstream capacitive touch technology to provide excellent touch accuracy and sensing speed, T1 series touch monitors deliver touch signals through USB port, and support Windows 11/10 plug & play, 10-points multi-touch recognition without installing any drivers. Not only is it user-friendly, but it is highly compatible with all kinds of industrial computers and industrial control equipment, making it suitable for human-machine interfaces and bringing the smoothest touchscreen experience!




New-Upgraded IC: Seamless Remote Operation with Enhanced Signal

To overcome the requirement of configuration under harsh environments, such as factories interrupted by multiple interfering signal sources, or the touch operation platform being far away from the host, the T1 series focuses more on the quality of signal transmission by stabilizing power input and enhancing touch signals. The monitor solves the problem of long-distance transmission across the host and the monitor and makes the monitor easier to be operated all day.

*When connecting to the 12V adapter, the monitor will automatically stop drawing power from the USB input.
*When extending USB cable, please use the 12V adapter to power the monitor.



Industry-Leading Dual Video Inputs HDMI & USB Type-C Input

The ports are converged on the I/O block at the back of the monitor, including a standard HDMI-A port, which is suitable for universal commercial, industrial computers and laptops, etc. In view of the new generation computers keeping rolling out, the T1 series monitors adopt the USB-C interface, which support both Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt 4 audio and video signal input. The industry-leading interface can perfectly adapt to multiple devices.



USB-A Port Easy to Connect with Lens/Scanner/Printer

When using the USB-C port of the T1 monitor to connect to the computer, the USB-A port on the monitor can be used as the USB port of the computer for connecting to a mouse, keyboard, USB flash drive, microphone or web camera, etc. When the monitor is far from the host, the USB external device can be connected to T1 monitor without having to go far!

*When using USB-A as the expansion port of the host/computer, the monitor must be connected to the 12V adapter.



True-Flat Touchscreen Glass Perfectly for Embedded Device

The front of T1 monitor is fully plat glass, incorporating touch sensitive OSD buttons for easy access to OSD menu configuration. In addition, the rear I/O ports simplifies wiring issues. When building a touchscreen machine or equipment, the monitor can be perfectly integrated into the hardware design to build a one-body formed appearance.


OSD Button Lock to Prevent Accidental Touch

You can select "OSD Button Lock" in the OSD menu to avoid accidental touch.


High-Strength Body Design & High Durability

The monitor is designed by solid and reliable structure. The front touch panel is covered with 7H high-hardness glass featuring the advantage of scratch resistance, dirt resistance and easy cleaning; the back is made of light and high-strength aluminum alloy backplane. The monitor integrates the ports and VESA screw mounting holes on the rear I/O block within only 11mm thickness. The monitor is not only with slim and high-tech appearance meeting commercial needs, but also with strong durability in line with industrial requirements, which makes the monitor well-suited for production line, machine room and commercial space.




Flexible & Stable VESA 75 Mount

To maximize the convenience of configuration, the T1 monitor includes VESA 75 screw holes in its compact and slim body, which allows the monitor to fit any space and meet the requirements of installing to machine and mount securely to any kinds of stands.


T1S2 Desktop Stand, As Stable as a Mountain ( ราคา 1,790 บาท. )

It is an optional accessory for the T151A monitor. Using SPCC cold-formed steel with black plaint as the main material, T1S2 is not only durable but also classic in look. Use the VESA 75 screw holes to securely install the monitor to the stand at reception desk, counter, or any table to set up a delicate commercial touchscreen display.


360° Rotation Freely Switch to Vertical or Horizontal Positions

The T1S2 stand supports rotation and is suitable for setting up in the stores or service counters as an interactive digital signage, or opening a vertical form for customers to fill in. Switching the orientation of the monitor becomes an easy task!


Two-Way Flip Design Sharing Screen Naturally

Except to adjust the tilting angles through the stepless stand, T1S2 also supports to flip to 247 degrees for immediately turning to the opposite position.


What in the Product Pack



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