Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System Pair


Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System Pair

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Bose S1 Pro+ Wireless PA System Pair

This is the go-to powerful, portable, all-in-one PA for gigging musicians, event hosts, party throwers, and anyone who loves it loud — multiplied by two. Perfect for larger venues where filling the space is critical, this pair of the Bose S1 Pro+ bumps more powerful performance and checks in a full pound lighter than its predecessor, while the integrated 3-channel mixer lets you connect mics and instruments or stream Bluetooth® music depending on what your night calls for. And now you can simplify setup and get to the music faster when you add wireless RF accessories for mics and instruments. They pair effortlessly to the S1 Pro+ and store right in the speaker itself so they’re always ready for the next song.


A perfect mix of power and play
The S1 Pro+ delivers better audio performance than its predecessor, so you can bring pro vibes to any party.

Sing. Dance. Sound like a pro.
A 3-channel mixer means you can throw a karaoke party, practice guitar at home, or stream music from your phone.

Bring it here, there, everywhere.
With a carry handle and up to 11 hours of play time, the speaker is ready to bring to any larger hang out.

Sound for any space
Choose from 4 positioning options: vertical, tilted back, stand mounted, or monitor.

An audio engineer in your pocket
Control volume, treble, and bass, access the entire ToneMatch library, and manage Bluetooth connections all in the Bose Music app.


Audio cable includedYes
Speaker13.10" H x 9.40" W x 11.00" D (14.40 lb)
Product MaterialAluminum, Polypropylene
Battery Life11 hours
Wireless ConnectivityBluetooth
Bluetooth Version5.0
Bluetooth Range30
Bose AppBose Music App
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