ตู้ลำโพง Sound Colum 3"x4 40W

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CBS columns are 2-way column speakers dedicated to applications in a high reverberation environment such as churches, auditoriums, transport and places where intelligibility is critical. Both models are equipped with 3" full range transducers and a neodymium driver for better frequency response at all levels. An aluminum enclosure makes the CBS cabinet very light and robust for any type of installation. Three different types of brackets are available for additional mounting flexibility.

  • 2-way Column Speaker

  • 40 W (CBS-304)

  • 4Ω (CBS-304) 

  • 70 V / 100 V

  • 4 x 3” (CBS-304)  woofer + 1 x neodymium driver

  • Aluminum construction

  • IP43




System TypeColumn Array Speaker
Input Voltage70V/100V
Transformer Selectable Power5W/10W/20W/40W
System Impedance70V: 1kΩ ,500Ω , 250Ω ,125Ω
100V: 1kΩ, 500Ω, 250Ω
4Ω (Bypass)
Sensitivity (1W/1m)92dB
Max SPL @1m111dB
Frequency Response (-6dB)160Hz-19kHz
Transducer Low4 x 3" Full range
Transducer High1 x  0.5” Neodymium HF Driver
Angle of Coverage (-6dB)140°H  x  (+18° ~ -27°)V
ConnectPVC insulated cabtyre cable (6.5mm diam.)
Enclosure ConstructionExtruded Aluminum Enclosure, Resistant Paint,
Paint Grille
Suspension / Mounting4 x M5 points for mounting
Dimensions (H x W x D)456 x 90.3 x 93.2 mm
(17.95" x 3.66" x 3.74")
Net Weight2.8kg (6.17 lbs)



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