ลำโพงติดผนัง ขนาด 5 นิ้ว 200 วัตต์ (สีดำ)

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5″ ICT Surface-Mount Low Impedance Loudspeaker for Installation Applications 


  • Full-range surface-mount loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor installation applications

  • 50 Watts continuous, 200 Watts peak power

  • 5" ICT (Inductive Coupling Technology) point source driver for extended frequency range and reliability

  • 90° controlled conical dispersion for optimum coverage and forward gain

  • High durability design for constant heavy usage in demanding applications

  • 16 Ohm direct input for low impedance applications

  • Optimised for Lab Gruppen low impedance LUCIA amplifiers with up to 8 AMS series loudspeakers per channel

  • All components weather resistant to IP65 for outdoor use

  • High temperature resistant ABS enclosure rated at 120°C

  • Semi-matte black paint finish fits unobtrusively in any environment

  • Yoke bracket included for ease of installation

  • Optional VARIBALL multi-angle bracket with secure clamp mechanism for accurate audience coverage

  • Weatherproof cable gland cover to protect Phoenix * connectors

The AMS 5ICT LZ is a full bandwidth 200-Watt high sensitivity, low impedance loudspeaker that utilises a proprietary 5″ ICT (Inductive Coupling Technology) point source driver to deliver consistent broadband directivity and provide exceptional long-term reliability. Thanks to its extended frequency range and 90° controlled conical dispersion pattern, the AMS 5ICT LZ is ideally suited for indoor and outdoor music applications including theme parks, hotels, restaurants and bars, retail stores, as well as corporate AV, residential developments, and houses of worship.
Weather-Resistant Enclosure
Weather-Resistant Enclosure
The elegantly styled semi matt black moulded enclosure blends beautifully into any décor. Additionally the AMS 5ICT LZ’s design and performance has achieving an IP65 rating, making it an exceptional choice for both indoor and outdoor environments such as indoor swimming pools, saunas, or work areas with unusually high levels of dust or moisture, and outdoor applications where weather conditions are moderate. The included weatherproof cable gland protects the Phoenix* input and link output connectors.
Attractive and Easy to Install
Attractive and Easy to Install
The highly durable and heat resistant ABS enclosure features a black painted finish and comes with an aesthetically pleasing grille. Installation is quick and easy thanks to the included colour-matched yoke mounting bracket – and an optional VARIBALL multi-angle bracket is available separately. An included weatherproof cable gland protects the Phoenix input and link output connectors, as well as the integral low-insertion loss 30 W transformer with convenient tap switching.

The AMS 5ICT LZ is optimised for use with LAB GRUPPEN LUCIA amplifiers, which accommodate up to 8 AMS Series loudspeakers per channel.


Configuration:Full range, surface mount
Transducers:LF: 1 x 130 mm (5.00") treated multi fibre paper pulp cone | HF: ICT
Frequency Response:90 Hz - 22 kHz @ -3 dB | 80 Hz - 30 kHz @ -10 dB
Nominal Dispersion:90° conical
Sensitivity (1Watt @ 1 meter):88 dB (1 W = 4 V - 16 Ohms)
Power:50 W - 200 W
Maximum SPL:105 dB - 111 dB
Transformer Taps:-
Grill:Painted steel
Connectors:Removable locking connector with screw terminals
Transformer setting:-
Dimensions:248.0 x 155.0 x 203.9 mm (9.77 x 6.10 x 8.03")
Weight:2.9 kg (6.4 lbs)
Accessories:Yoke bracket (included)
Packed Quantity:2
Warranty:10 years manufacturer's warranty*
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