ตู้ลำโพง 12 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 2,500 วัตต์ มีแอมป์ในตัว คลาส D



2500 Watt 2 Way 12″ Powered Loudspeaker
with KLARK TEKNIK DSP Technology, Speaker Modelling and ULTRANET Networking
  • 2 way full range loudspeaker for portable PA and installation applications

  • 2,500 Watt power featuring KLARK TEKNIK Class-D technology

  • KLARK TEKNIK Digital Signal Processing for total system control

  • Speaker modelling includes accurate models of industry standard speakers

  • SCC (Spatial Contour Control) compensates frequency response in relation to physical speaker placement

  • ULTRANET digital audio networking connects to mixers and other sources

  • 12″ low frequency driver with low mass voice coil for improved transient response

  • High temperature 1″ compression driver with copper-clad aluminium voice coil for extended high frequency reproduction

  • Fully featured user interface with LCD display for ease of navigation

  • PC remote control software downloadable at turbosound.com

  • Lightweight fibre glass reinforced composite enclosure

  • Rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille

  • Dual angle pole mount for accurate audience coverage

  • Multiple internal rigging points for installation applications

  • Mains input and link output on Neutrik powerCON* connectors

  • 10-Year Warranty Program*

  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.

The 2,500-Watt iQ12 is a powered two-way loudspeaker ideally suited for a wide range of portable and fixed installation, music and speech sound reinforcement applications. The driver complement includes an 12" low frequency driver with a low mass voice coil for improved transient response, and a high temperature 1" compression driver with copper-clad aluminium voice coil for extended high frequency reproduction.

Equipped with a very efficient and lightweight two channel Klark Teknik Class-D power amplifier, the iQ12 provides an impressive 2,500 Watts of output power. A high degree of control over the loudspeaker system's performance is managed by a sophisticated, but easy to use Klark Teknik Digital Signal Processor (DSP), which provides dynamic EQ for remarkable full range response at low volume levels, and transparent limiting for the utmost clarity at high output levels � and long-term reliability. iQ12's advanced DSP speaker modelling presets include detailed and accurate models of some of the audio industry's most-respected loudspeakers.

Klark Teknik also developed a highly versatile Spatial Contour Control (SCC) DSP function, which allows the user to easily optimise the iQ12's frequency response for the physical speaker placement. This advanced functionality provides frequency compensation for stand, floor, wall or ceiling placement, much like the adjustments commonly found on studio reference monitors.

On the rear panel amplifier module, you will find a fully featured user interface consisting of an LCD display, the Channel A and B gain controls, and a single rotary encoder for intuitive access to level, EQ, Speaker modelling, SCC, Subwoofer Integration and Feedback Control (FBI). In addition to the two combination balanced XLR/jack inputs, balanced XLR outputs for each of the two independent channels, and a Mix Out XLR connector, the iQ12 features a mic/line switch and level control with signal present LED on each channel.

The iQ12 also features our proprietary ULTRANET technology, which allows the use of CAT5 cables for transmitting pristine multi-channel audio signals and other information between ULTRANET-enabled products, such as digital mixers and personal monitor systems. This digital distribution networking not only eliminates the potential for RFI and crosstalk so common to analogue methods, but also significantly reduces the setup or installation time required. An onboard USB port provides access for remote control of the iQ12 via PC computer, as well as DSP and speaker modelling firmware updates.

The lightweight fibre glass reinforced composite enclosure is fitted with a rugged powder coated perforated steel mesh grille and multiple internal rigging points for permanent installations. The iQ12 is also fitted with a dual angle pole mount socket, allowing the enclosure to be pole mounted straight on, or raised and angled downwards for optimal audience coverage. Mains power input and link output is provided via Neutrik powerCON * connectors.


Frequency Response

52 Hz 18 kHz ±3 dB
45 Hz 20 kHz -10 dB

Nominal Dispersion

80° H x 60° V @ -6 dB points

Maximum SPL

130 dB peak

Crossover type



1 x 12" (308.5 mm) LF driver
1 x 1" (25.4 mm) HF compression driver


Independent HF, LF, peak and rms

Maximum output power*

2,500 W




Short circuit, open circuit, thermal

Input A / B

2 x combo jack/XLR


Line +4 dBu, mic -22 dBu, switchable

Input impedance

20 kO unbalanced, 40 kO balanced

Maximum input level

+21 dBu

Output A / B

2 x XLR Linked to input

Mix output

XLR, balanced

Output impedance

100 O unbalanced, 200 O balanced

Ultranet input/link

2 x RJ45

Mains Supply

Neutrik powerCON input 20A and link 15A


Rotary push-encoder Buttons for Process, Setup, Exit, Enter

Mixer section

2 x gain controls (channels A and B) 2 x Line/Mic switch

User DSP Functions
Factory EQ presets

Positioning, Sound mode, Sound modeling, FBQ


LCD 128 x 32, blue backlit


0 - 300 ms


High and low shelving EQ
2 x parametric EQ


Zero attack input limiter


20 total presets, 19 user-definable


High Pass L-R 24 dB/oct


Lock-out function for all settings

Ultranet Digital Network
Power Supply
Power consumption

150 W @ 1/8 max power

Voltage (fuses) 
Dimensions (H x W x D)

609 x 370 x 370 mm (24.0 x 14.5 x 14.5")

Net weight

14.7 kg (32 lbs)


Injection-moulded polypropylene enclosure


Black painted


Powder coated perforated steel

Flying hardware

M10 x 3 points


IQ12-WB Steel wall bracket

*independent of limiters and driver protection circuits

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