ลำโพงคาราโอเกะ 8 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 150 วัตต์ (ราคาต่อคู่)

แบรนด์ : JBL


Passive 8” Full-Range Karaoke Loudspeaker


The Pasión Series marks JBL’s next generation of karaoke speakers. Delivering JBL’s legendary performance, the Pasión 8 is a passive 8” full-range karaoke loudspeaker that is designed for sound reinforcement for commercial karaoke applications. As a premium KTV speaker, the Pasión 8 continues JBL’s pedigree as a leading karaoke-speaker brand.

With exceptional sonic clarity, the Pasión 8 is perfect for a wide array of karaoke venues and applications. The Pasión 8 features JBL’s signature karaoke tuning that offers outstanding vocal and bass performance for KTV environments. Plus, the speaker features two 3” high-efficiency tweeters and a specially-designed 8” woofer that provide excellent high-frequency response and high-power handling, low distortion and minimum power compression, respectively.

In addition to unmatched audio performance, the Pasión 8 features a premium, sleek design. Adding to the stylish look and feel, the 8 features an illuminated and rotatable JBL Entertainment logo, which allows venue owners to showcase the JBL brand and system quality. Altogether, with excellent audio performance and striking aesthetics, the JBL Pasión 8 enhances KTV venues and provides karaoke-goers a memorable karaoke experience.



  • Passive 2-way, bass-reflex full-range karaoke loudspeaker


  • 8” low-frequency woofer and dual 3” high-frequency tweeters


  • Specially designed low-frequency woofer fitted with demodulating aluminum ring for high-power handling, low distortion and minimum power compression


  • Rated power of 150W and sensitivity of 88db offer unmatched output and sound quality


  • JBL signature karaoke tuning provides excellent vocal and bass performance


  • Sleek, stylish and modern design that is well-suited for a wide array of interior room designs


  • PSL (Passive Sound Lighting) Technology illuminates the JBL Entertainment logo


System Type2-way, Bass-Reflex
LF(1) x 8 Woofer
HF(2) x 3 Cone Tweeter
Frequency Range (-10dB)53 Hz - 17 kHz
Frequency Response53Hz 18kHz
Impedance8 Ohms
Rated Power150 W
Sensitivity88 dB
Maximum SPL (1m)110 dB
Acoustic PortRear Facing
InputsBinding Post


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