Digital IR Wireless Delegate Unit (ไมค์ผู้ร่วมประชุม)

แบรนด์ : TAIDEN


System Overview

The core of TAIDEN infrared wireless conference system – dirATC (Digital Infrared Audio Transmitting and Control Technologies) - is a new technology originated by TAIDEN. It digitally encodes and modulates audio and data signals for transmission via infrared light, achieving both multi-channel audio signals and bidirectional data transmission and control. Digitalization combined with wireless transmission via infrared technology is an ideal solution for a wireless conference system.
TAIDEN digital infrared wireless conference system is composed of a main unit, one or more transceivers and conference units.



  • The first digital infrared wireless conference system in the world

  • Original dirATC -- digital infrared Audio Transmitting and Control technologies

  • Wireless system, easy to set up and to remove

  • Perfect sound quality as CD from the microphone

  • Microphone sensitivity and EQ can be adjusted individually

  • Isolated audio recording function for simultaneous interpretation (1+7 channels)

  • Infrared transmission technology guarantees privacy

  • Any quantity of infrared wireless conference systems can be installed within a building

  • No worries about eavesdropping and radio interference, no radio radiation

  • Full functions (discussion, voting and 1+7 CHs interpretation)

  • No radio frequency license needed for operating an infrared system all over the world

  • Adopts 1~8 MHz transmission frequency, undisturbed by HF driven light sources

  • Excellent immunity to RF interference from mobile phones and RF devices

  • Vertical emission angle of conference unit selectable via LCD menu

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