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Active directional UHF antenna

 Active directional UHF and VHF antenna delivers improved wireless signal reception with integrated amplification. Features include greater rejection of RF signals outside the coverage area and an integrated amplifier with 4 gain settings.

UA874 uses a log periodic dipole array to produce a cardioid pattern towards the desired coverage area with greater rejection of RF signals outside the coverage area when compared to standard ½ wave omnidirectional antennas. An integrated amplifier with four gain settings compensate for varying degrees of coaxial cable signal loss.

The UA874 can be stand-mounted, suspended from the ceiling, or wall-mounted using the included swivel adapter bracket.


  • Compatible with all Shure wireless receivers and antenna distribution systems that provide 12 V DC bias

  • Four-position gain selector switch

  • Low-noise signal amplifier that compensates for transmission loss in coaxial cable

  • Integrated threaded adapter that mounts easily to microphones stands

  • Legendary Shure build quality and reliability


  • Connector Type:  BNC, Female

  • Impedance: 50 ohms

  • Power Requirements: 10 to 15 V DC bias from coaxial connection, 75 mA

  • Reception Pattern: 70 degrees

  • Third-order Intercept Point: >30 dBm

  • Antenna Gain (On Axis): 7.5 dBi

  • Signal Gain +/- 1dB: SwitchableActive: +12 dB, +6 dB

  • Passive: 0 dB, -6 dB

  • RF Overload LED Threshold: -5 dBm

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