ลำโพงติดเพดาน ขนาด 6.5 นิ้ว 100 วัตต์ (ราคาต่อใบ)


แบรนด์ : QSC



  • Dual voice coil for improved thermal dissipation and higher output

  • Low saturation and low-loss 70 / 100 V transformers with 4 Ω bypass

  • 4x built-in high-pass filtered outputs

  • Snap-fit magnetic grills

  • Locking 4-pole Euroblock connectors

  • 2x quick link cable assemblies and slip-lock fasteners supplied

  • Intrinsic Correction™ voicings available via MP-M Series mixers and Q-SYS Platform

  • Available in black (RAL 9011) or white (RAL 9010)

  • UL1480 certified

LF transducer6.5-inch (165 mm) dual voice coil weather treated paper cone woofer
HF transducerN/A
Effective frequency range55 Hz 150 Hz
Rated noise power / voltage100 W / 20 V (rms)
Sensitivity [dB] (rated @1 W, 1 m)86
Coverage (-6 dB)Omni
Directivity factorTBD
Directivity index [dB]TBD
Maximum SPL [dB] (continuous / peak)100 / 106
Recommended amplifier100 W
Transformer taps / impedanceBypass:4 Ω
100 W (70 V); NA (100 V) Tap: 50 Ω
50 W (70 V); 100 W (100 V) Tap: 100 Ω
25 W (70 V); 50 W (100 V) Tap: 200 Ω
12.5 W (70 V); 25 W (100 V) Tap: 400 Ω
ConnectorsMono input: 4-pole Euroblock with thru output
Hi-pass mono output: 2x 4-pole Euroblock for 4x satellites
Enclosure materialABS
Grille materialPowder coated steel
Ingress protectionIP-34
Operating environmentDesigned for indoor use
Operating temperature range-4 to 122° F (-20 to 50° C)
Net weight16.5 lb (7.5 kg)
Product dimensions (Ø x H)Ø 13.6 x 13.8-inch (Ø 4.3 x 4.5 mm)
Shipping weightTBD
Shipping dimensions
(H x W x D)
Included accessories2x cable rigging, 3x Euroblock connector, 2x sealed input cover, grill
Safety agencyUL1480, Transformer UL registered per UL1876, ROHS, CE compliant

As part of QSC's ongoing commitment to product development, specifications are subject to change without notice.


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