5 stereo inputs switchable balanced-mic/unbalanced-line, Rear-panel gain control, front-panel 2-Band EQ and front-panel level control for all input channels, 8-LED level meter, Unbalanced record output

แบรนด์ : INTUSONIC



The INTUWORX™ PAA71 is 7-channel mic/line mixer and the perfect centre of any installed sound system. It offers 5 multi-purpose inputs which can either be fed with a balanced microphone signal or an unbalanced stereo line signal. One further balanced stereo line level input is specifically useful for sources at larger distance, like a mixer on a stage, or the output of a different room’s system. The same input can be switched to receive its input signal from the 3.5mm TRS jack on the front, or the built-in LINKOUSTIC™ 4.2 wireless audio link. An additional dedicated microphone input with adjustable talkover (priority) provides control over announcements. Every input – with the exception of the balanced stereo input – is equipped with rear-panel gain control and a front-panel 2-band equalizer. The external shutdown and emergency signal input connections allow integration with central announcement and evacuation systems where required.


  • 5 stereo inputs switchable balanced-mic/unbalanced-line

  • 1 balanced stereo input (FOH input), switchable to 3.5mm TRS input on the front panel or internal wireless audio receiver

  • 1 dedicated microphone input on rear-side 3.5mm strip connector

  • Rear-panel gain control, front-panel 2-Band EQ and front-panel level control for all input channels (no gain for FOH)

  • 12V phantom power for microphones by internal jumper

  • Adjustable auto talk-over (music level reduction if mic used)

  • Internal LINKOUSTIC™ 4.2 wireless audio link with front-side antenna and forced pairing-release function

  • One stereo master output (balanced 3.5mm strip connectors)

  • Rear-side adjustable maximum level control for master output

  • Rear-side mono switch for master output

  • 8-LED level meter for stereo master output

  • Emergency input (replaces master by emergency signal)

  • Output mute contact to externally mute the output

  • 3.5mm headphones output with volume control

  • Unbalanced record output

  • Internal wide-voltage linear PSU for excellent audio dynamics

  • AC mains voltage selector switch 115/230V

  • Full metal case with separately detachable rack ears and handles

  • CE/ROHS compliant


Frequency response20Hz 20 kHz
S/N ratio> 82dB (Line)
Crosstalk damping> 72dB (Line)
THD&N< 0.05%
AC IN115V/230~ 50/60Hz, max 12W
Dimensions WxDxH482.6x180x44mm
Weight2.5 kg


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