INTUSONIC Intuforce 2SDL160


เครื่องขยายเสียงแบบ Class D topology with switch mode power supply

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INTUSONIC Intuforce 2SDL160 Amplifier 2x150W



The INTUFORCE™ 2SDL160 is an extremely versatile low-impedance power amplifier for installation purposes. Featuring ultra-high CMRR circuitry at the input, it accepts long cable runs. Via its input forwarding function, it can serve both as a stereo and as a dual-mono amplifier. The input signals can be processed per channel by the internal 2-band EQ as well as a 100Hz Highpass filter to suit the connected speakers. Rear-side volume controls with peak LEDs allow exact level settings without any tampering by the operator. An ultra-flexible link output, which can either carry the original input signal or the signal processed by the volume controls and EQs, allows to build large cascaded systems to more complex requirements. Being based on class D amplification technology and a switch mode power supply with very conservative power reserves, the 2SDL160 not only runs cool and silent, but also has the endurance to satisfy the most demanding applications.


  • 2 individual amplifier blocks with 150W power @ 4Ω each

  • Class D topology with switch mode power supply

  • Balanced (XLR-TRS Combo and 3.5mm terminal strip) inputs

  • Ultra-High CMRR input circuitry for long cable runs

  • Mono-summing option for two incoming stereo signals (on 3.5mm terminal strip connectors) allows to process two stereo signals into two mono signals

  • Input forwarding switch for stereo and parallel mono modes

  • Rear-side volume control for each channel with Peak LED

  • Separate 2-Band-EQ and 100Hz HPF for both inputs

  • XLR line-level LINK output with selectable routing pre/post Volume/EQ to allow flexible scaling of cascaded systems

  • External MUTE contact

  • Speaker output via 5.0mm terminal strip connectors

  • Noiseless convection cooling without fan

  • Full metal case with separately detachable rack ears and handles

  • AC mains voltage selector 115/230V

  • CE/ROHS compliant


Rated Power @ 4Ω/8Ω2x 150W/80W
Frequency response20Hz 20 kHz
S/N ratio (8Ω, full power)> 89 dB
Resídual Noise (full power)< -71dBu
Crosstalk damping> 63dB
THD&N (rated power)< 0.12%
AC IN115V/230~ 50/60Hz, max 350W
DimensionsWxDxH 482.6x245x44mm
Weight3.3 kg


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