เครื่องขยายเสียงระบบเสียงตามสาย QUEST QTA6060M 7 Input 6 channel 60 Watt mixer amplifier, Phantom Power available on Mic inputs, Built in Chime module with external rear mounted defeatable switch

แบรนด์ : QUEST


QUEST QTA6060M Mixer Amplifier

Quest has tried to pack as much as possible into a small box to give maximum flexibility.

We even offer the opportunity to hard wire all inputs via the rear mounted barrier strip. These amplifiers have even been designed to easily add additional power amplifiers, if more horse power is needed.


  • 6 inputs (1-5 selectable as either Mic or Line)

  • Built in VOX muting

  • Phantom Power available on Mic inputs

  • Built in Chime module with external rear mounted defeatable switch

  • Terminals for remote chime activation

  • Inputs 1-5 offer both XLR connections for mic and RCA for line inputs

  • Separate rear mounted Telepage input with its own level control

  • Option of XLR and barrier strip for all mic inputs

  • Rear mounted AUX level control

  • Tape Output

  • Pre Output

  • 24v DC Power capability

  • 2 RU (6060M / 6120M), 3RU (6250M)

  • Inbuilt protection against short circuit or overload


Model:QTA 6060MQTA 6120MQTA 6250M
Output power:60W120W250W
Mains voltage:AC 115V/ 240V, 50 / 60Hz ± 10% Switchable
Battery voltage:DC 24V (MAX 10% deviation)
Speaker outputs:4, 8, 70V, 100V
Tape output:1V 4.7KΩ
Pre output:1V, 600,
Aux Mains Power:4A/115V
Mic 1~5:1mV, 600 balanced.
Aux 1~6:150mV, dual RCA stereo to mono converter 22K
TEL:150mV, 600 balanced
Power amplifier in:1V
Frequency response
Mic 1~Mic 5:60Hz ~ 12KHz ± 3dB
Aux 1~ 6:50Hz ~ 15KHz ± 3dB
TEL:50Hz ~ 15KHz ± 3dB
Total harmonic distortion:Less than 1% @ 1KHz, rated power
Signal to noise ratio
All Volume Controls80dB below rated power
Mic 1~ 5:60dB below rated power
Tel:80dB below rated power
Aux:80dB below rated power
Tone controls
Bass :± 10dB at 100Hz
Treble :± 10dB at 10KHz
Channel 1~5 volume control, Aux 6 volume control, Master volume control, Tone controls (Bass, Treble), TEL volume control, Mute slide switch, Chime Control AC 115V / 240V voltage Selector switch
Push switchs Rear MountedMic 1/Aux 1 , Mic 2/Aux 2, Mic 3/Aux 3, Mic 4/Aux 4, Mic 5/Aux 5
IndicatorsPower indicator (LED), output level indicators (6 LEDS)
AC power consumption300W
DC power consumption8A
Phantom powerFactory set off @ 16V, defeatable via internal jumpers
PriorityTEL mutes all channels Channel 1 can mute Channel 3 ~5, Aux 3~6
Dimensions (mm)88(H) x 426(W) x 313(D)132(H) x 426(W) x 313(D)
Weight8.5Kg (QTA 6060M)9.5Kg (QTA 6120M)11.5Kg (QTA 6250M)
Mounting optionsTable top or 19 rack mountable / Rack Mount Ears Included
Options Available:60W (QTA 6060M)120W (QTA 6120M)250W (QTA 6250M)
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