เครื่องขยายเสียงระบบเสียงตามสาย QUEST QTA6130M 6 channel 130 Watt mixer amplifier, ตอบสนองความถี่ 50Hz~16KHz±2dB, Main: Transformer coupled, balanced, 8Ω, 25V, and 70V

แบรนด์ : QUEST


QUEST QTA6130M Mixer Amplifier

The QTA6130M is an analogue table-top or rack mountable 130 watt mixer amplifier designed for 70/100V line commercial sound installations. The amplifier can also be connected to a low impedance speaker system and will drive 130 watts into a 4Ω load. Quest has packed as much as possible into this small package to give maximum flexibility and choices for the commercial sound designer/installer. The QTA 6130M is a feature packed mixing amplifier built to professional audio standards.

A Closer Look
The QTA-6130M amplifier is an 8 input channel mixer/amplifier designed for distributed paging and background music systems and music on hold for a single zone distributed audio system.

With 4 microphone/line inputs and 4 stereo inputs, the 6000 series mixer amplifiers will accommodate a variety of input sources including paging microphones, CD players, and digital music players. This 8 input channel mixer amplifier has muting and output options along with a special bridge in/out feature to allow the addition of multiple amplifiers. VCA remote level control circuitry is included.

Multiple Input Options
In addition to the XLR/Phono/RCA inputs, all inputs and outputs can be hard wired via the rear mounted barrier strip. The QTA6130M can have additional power amplifiers connected if more power is needed.


  • 6 inputs (1-5 selectable as either Mic or Line)

  • Built in VOX muting

  • Phantom Power available on Mic inputs

  • Built in Chime module with external rear mounted bypass switch

  • Terminals for remote chime activation

  • Inputs 1-5 offer both XLR connections for mic and RCA for line inputs

  • Separate rear mounted Tele-page input with independent level control

  • Option of XLR and barrier strip for all mic inputs

  • Rear mounted AUX level control

  • Tape Output

  • Pre Output

  • 24v DC Power capability

  • 2 RU mounting capability

  • Inbuilt protection against short circuit or overload


Rated Power Output60W130W
Transformer Outputs4Ω,70V/100V
Frequency Response50Hz~16KHz±2dB
Distortion<1% at rated power (1KHz)
SensitivityInput 1 : Line/Tel 316mV(-10dBV) 10Kohm (600Ωw optional/ transformer)
Mic :316mV~3.16mV (-50dBV~-70dBV)
Input 1-5 : Line 316mV(-10dBV) 10Kohm Mic 316mV~3.16mV (-50dBV~-70dBV)
Input 6 : Line 300mV/100mV(-10dBV/-20dBV) Selectable
OutputsMain: Transformer coupled, balanced, 8Ω, 25V, and 70V
Zone 2~8Ω Unbalanced 1W
Zone 2~600Ω Balanced 1.5V
Signal to Noise RatioMic >55dB
Line >55dB
Telephone >75dB
Tone Controls : Bass±10dB @ 100Hz
Tone Controls : Treble±10dB @ 10kH
IndicatorsPower, signal, peak
Power Requirements~240V/50Hz,24V DC (Optional)
Power Consumption100W200W
Dimensions (mm)484 x 300 x 88484 x 300 x 88
Net Weight13kg15kg
Gross Weight14.2kg16.2kg
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