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QUEST HPI110 Compact High-definition Loudspeaker

The QUEST HPI110 is a lightweight high powered compact speaker system that has a number of key technical innovations to improve performance in real venue environments. Most venues potentially degrade the performance of standard sound systems regardless of the quality. The HPI110 can be installed as a single element or as part of an array of up to three elements. Everything about the HPI110 shows a design aimed at functionality in the real world.

A Closer Look
Functionality in the real world is what separates the HPI110 from the rest of the field. Have a bad sounding venue space? You need the HPI110. One consistent problem in reproducing intelligible voice in a venue is the degrading effect of wall and ceiling reflections. When a listener hears more sound from the reflected (reverberant) field than the primary sound system, loss of speech intelligibility results.

This location in the room is known as “beyond the critical distance”. The HPI system extends the “critical distance” by utilising a custom HF wave guide to direct the sound away from the walls and ceiling and into the listener area.

The HPI110 mid-high asymmetrical wave guide provides 60 degrees horizontal dispersion at the base of the flare and 30 degrees at the top. Vertical dispersion above the box is limited to 15 degrees. A large format HF driver allows for a relatively low cross-over frequency and this means more control over a wider frequency area.

From Single Box to Array
To get the best from the HPI110 system, a multi-purpose light weight flying/installation system has also been developed. All HPI speaker systems in the range have been manufactured to have a very high “power to weight” ratio. An array of three HPI110 speakers has a combined weight of 47 kg. An array of HPI110 speakers makes this one of the most light-weight high powered systems in the world. This is particularly important if the system has to be installed in a heritage building or an existing space with strict weight restrictions for installed devices.

The rigging system is progressive with its “top spine hanging bracket” system for single speaker systems, QR 2/3/4 for wall and flown installations. Additionally, various attachments can be connected to make up almost any type of pan/tilt wall mount, truss mount or multi-box hanging array.

Permanent or Portable
The HPI110 is at home on the road. The lightweight ergonomic design makes it ideal for portable mobile audio. A pair of HPI110 boxes on a “T” piece can be located on a sub bass box with a conventional speaker pole for mobile full range sound. The high power handling and projection characteristics mean a two box array can push a lot of high SPL audio into a medium sized venue space. The long throw characteristics of the system can deliver a surprisingly coherent result at 48 metres, which is outstanding for such a physically small speaker system.

In its most basic form, no system controller or complex system correction electronics is needed to get great sonic results from the HPI110. Just plug it on and play. With lightweight, high power and system scalability, the HPI110 is a truly versatile system.


Rec Amplifier480 720W Nom.
Impedance8 ohm
Frequency Response70Hz 18kHz
Sensitivity95.5 dB
Max SPL130dB
DirectivityAsymmetric +15/-45 vertical, 30/45 horizontal
Woofer10 Neodymium Woofer
Tweeter3 Neo Compression Driver (1.4 Exit)
Connections & Wiring2x Speakon 1+/-
Dimensions641.5 x 306 x 352mm
Weight16.4kg net


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