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QUEST QM700 High Power Loudspeaker

The QUEST QM700 is a high powered 15″ passive two way multi-purpose loudspeaker built for heavy duty applications in demanding environments. The QM700 is a very versatile high performance speaker system and professionals everywhere quickly appreciate the high end industrial and acoustical engineering at the core of its design.

The QM700 is equally at home as a big stage high powered fold-back monitor, full range front of house or as the high-mid component of a multi way system with LF enhancement. QM700 has a number of design innovations, starting with the Quest asymmetrical rotatable wave guide. The driver/wave-guide combination focuses the acoustic energy to provide smooth near field coverage while maximising performance and imaging in the far field, without contributing to room reflections; all done without additional system processing.

Pronounced and intelligible vocal clarity in difficult acoustical environments is achieved as both a fold-back monitor or as a front of house system. Further horn rotation can achieve the same result when the QM700 is used horizontally.

Life on the Road
Realising the need for the 15″ loudspeaker that would outperform anything in its class, the QM700 was born. The custom 15″ transducer has been designed specifically to withstand the most demanding applications without degrading performance over time. The 1.4″ throat three inch voice coil ferrite compression driver delivers highly efficient output withstanding the punishment that normally accompanies a concert sound stage. The reinforced steel grill/ply cabinet combination has been crafted with real world logic, ensuring the cabinet performs perfectly when positioned as fold-back or as a front of house speaker. Input connectors have also been recessed for added protection.

Mirror Image
The QM700 are available as mirrored pairs which makes them excellent for minimising interference effect when two or more QM700’s are used in a large stage monitor configuration or when a particularly accurate front of house stereo image is desired.

Symmetry in Asymmetry
The new generation high frequency transducer is matched to a rotatable asymmetrical wave guide that can be rotated through 270 degrees for horizontal, vertical or fold-back monitor installation .

The asymmetrical coverage allows the horn to achieve both long throw performance and wide angle close coverage without “hot zones” or adding to unnecessary room reflections that can degrade vocal intelligibility.

High Octane Performance
Understanding the demands of busy venues and serious operators, the QM700 was deliberately designed to withstand the demanding requirements of rental and concert production. The performance of the QM700 has made it a favourite with both live venues and production companies across the world due to its practical design and ease of operation. As a fold-back monitor, it makes monitoring a breeze due to its very high feedback rejection when the horn has been configured into fold-back mode.

The high power handling means full frequency program can be pumped into QM700 fold-back monitors without loss of the vocal definition when performing on a large stage.

Wooden Body, Steel Faced
The QM700 chassis is made of the same heavy duty birch ply wood as our high performance and industry trusted HPI systems. Finished with an extremely resilient black coating and fitted with a wrap-around heavy gauge protective steel grille, the QM700 has been crafted to endure even the most demanding environments and is built to last.


Power Handling700W program ; 1400W peak
Frequency Response50-16kHz
Sensitivity98dB @ 1kHz
Maximum SPL @ 1m130dB
Impedance8 ohms
Connections and Wiring2 x Speakon NL4 1+/1- (2+/2- through)
Woofer15 High Power Woofer
Tweeter1.4 Ferrite Compression Driver
DirectivityAsymmetric +15/-45 ; 30/45 horizontal
Dimensions725 x 432 x 369.5 mm
Weight28kg Net


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