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QUEST QSA200i Compact Powered Speaker

Small band fold-back or PA, audio visual presentation, high SPL compact audio monitor, mid power distributed systems, where ever you need compact portable or fixed full bandwidth audio, the QSA200i is a tremendously versatile powered PA package.

The high sonic output and small size is a result of the sophisticated Quest analogue engine electronics and purpose designed, heavy-duty Quest speaker components.


  • 2-channel independent XLR mic/line inputs

  • XLR line out with mix add function

  • Long lasting heavy-duty Quest speaker components

  • Uniform high frequency coverage with custom designed rotating HF horn

  • Great sonic performance through analogue engine signal processing

  • Micro fan cooled multi way power amplifiers

  • Steel protective full front grill

Impact Resistant Plastic and Rotate the Horn
For a small speaker system, the QSA200i is packed with pro features. Multiple XLR inputs with mix output or straight through mean you can use operate the amplifier without need for a mixer on small jobs. Both line and mic level with independent level control are a handy feature.

For horizontal installation the HF horn that can be rotated to horizontal dispersion plane and an optional pan-tilt bracket can be added for both temporary or permanent installation.

Power Me Up
The QSA200i is loaded with drivers with a high power handling capacity. The cast frame ceramic mid/bass driver can take some serious power and the high frequency horn/driver combination is seriously heavy duty. The Amplification is a class A/B system for high quality analogue sound with 50 watts HF and 100 watts powering the woofer. The mini-fan cooled 2-way amplifier system is controlled by an analogue processing engine to make the QSA 200i a high output flexible and reliable choice for both live mobile audio and permanent fixes installation environments.


Frequency response -3dB:70 20K Hz
HF Coverage Angle90° x 45° revolving horn flare
Max SPL:123dB Peak
Amplifier Power:HF 50
Watts LF:100 Watts
Transducer:1x 3/4 Compression driver 1 x 8 Long coil bass driver
Enclosure:Injection molded plastic
Protective Grill:Perforated steel acoustic foam covering
Installation Options:Wall bracket/floor stand
Input Connections:2 channels XLR in XLR through out
Dimensions HxWxD250mm x 240mm x 430mm
Net Weight:7.8Kg


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