Quest QM18SA


ตู้ลำโพงซับวูฟเฟอร์ ขนาด 18 นิ้ว 1000 วัตต์

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QUEST QM18SA Powered Subeoofer

The QM18SA is an active powered 18" sub woofer which is suitable for both mobile applications and installation. The QM18SA features inbuilt 24bit/96kHz processing. The Class D amplifier produces a continuous 1000 watts of power and is matched with a high efficiency 18" woofer. The cabinet size and shape has been optimised to achieve a balance between portability, SPL and bass depth while weighing less than 41kg.

Road Ready
The QM18SA cabinet is made of 15mm heavy duty birch plywood and finished with an extremely resilient black coating. The cabinet is fitted with a wrap-around heavy gauge protective steel grille. The QM18SA has been crafted to endure demanding environments and is built with longevity in mind. Convenient threaded holes are provided, if you want it on wheels, just bolt them on.

Big Bass, Plug'n'Play
The Quest Engineers have designed a simplified user control interface which makes setting up and using the sub system extremely easy. The sub bass frequencies are already defined, equalised and limited to deliver the best results while providing a high passed output to a mid/high cabinet. This high pass output will provide excellent results when paired with the Quest QM450A or similar products. There is also a full range output to deliver signal to additional QM18SA.


Freq. Range (-10dB)36Hz~140Hz
Max Calculated SPL133dB
Frequency Response (-3dB)52.5Hz 92.5Hz
Amplifier Power1000W
LF Transducer18 (450mm)
Crossover Frequency110Hz Preset and Optimised
Input ConnectorFemale XLR
Output ConnectorMale XLR
AC InputAC220~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Net Weight38.5kg
Dimensions (WxHxD)700mm x 530mm x 700mm


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