LD System CWMS 52B 100V


ลำโพงติดผนัง 2 ทาง ขนาด 5.25 นิ้ว 30 วัตต์ สีดำ(ราคาต่อคู่)

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LD System CWMS 52B 100V

The CONTRACTOR CWMS 52 is a wall speaker with an appealing look equipped with a 5.25" woofer and a 1.2" tweeter. Its frequency response extends to 20 kHz; the sound pressure level is 88 dB at 1 W /1 m. The CWMS 52 provides 30 watts of continuous power and is characterised by a high degree of speech intelligibility. It is designed for a wide scope of applications, providing an unobtrusive sound in hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, training and conference rooms, shopping centres and at home. It is available in white (CWMS 52 W) and black (CWMS 52 B).

For ELA systems, both versions are also available as 100 Volt versions (CWMS 52 W 100 V, CWMS 52 B 100 V).
As bass extension, we recommend the CIW SUB 10.



  • Compact wall speaker

  • 5.25″ woofer 1.2″ high-frequency driver

  • 30 watts continuous power

  • Frequency range up to 20 kHz

  • High speech intelligibility

  • Black version

  • For hotels, restaurants, bars, lounges, shopping centres, conference rooms etc.


Product typeInstallation Loudspeakers
TypeWall-mounted Loudspeaker
VersionWall-mounted Loudspeaker
Speaker type2-way speaker
Woofer dimensions5.25 "
Woofer dimensions (mm)133 mm
Tweeter dimensions1.2 "
Tweeter dimensions (mm)30 mm
Impedance (low-impedance)8 Ohm(s)
100 V Inputs10 W, 2.5 W, 20 W, 5 W
Frequency response80 - 20000 Hz
Sensitivity (1 W / 1 m)88 dB
Low-impedance rated load (RMS)30 W
Width294 mm
Height180 mm
Depth160 mm
Weight4,87 kg


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