ลำโพง Passive Array Satellite 6.5 นิ้ว

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The MAILA SAT satellite speaker is a true line array element and is full of surprises The elegant and robust unibody aluminium enclosure houses five 1'' tweeters in front of a 6.5'' midrange driver, arranged in a coaxial design based on Advanced WaveAhead® technology and coupled almost interference-free via the SonicGuide® (two combined waveguides). The result is a classic line array radiation pattern with impressive throw and energy density. The horn-loaded 6.5'' midrange driver with 1.8'' voice coil and neodymium driver features a split-path waveguide as well as a phase plug and enables a particularly high sensitivity in the midrange.

The tweeter section is formed by five vertically arranged 1'' dome tweeters that do not require a compression chamber and thus offer an even and natural dispersion pattern (100° horizontal x 8° vertical). At the same time, the midrange driver's phase plug reduces the heat generated by the tweeter voice coils, contributing to the satellite's increased efficiency. Furthermore, the passive membrane placed behind the woofers provides extended punch down to 100 Hz despite the compact dimensions of the satellite housing.

On the back of the housing of each MAILA SAT is a rotating handle which hides a groundbreaking innovation: via the patented EasySplay® mechanism, users can adjust the inclination of each individual satellite continously from 0° to 8° in the blink of an eye. The angle can be adjusted with just one hand, even under load. In this way, every MAILA system offers a uniquely flexible concept for adapting the sound coverage to any sound reinforcement situation at any time.

For an especially easy setup, the passive MAILA SAT array satellites are equipped with the LD Systems SmartLink+® system, which ensures a cable-free connection between the MAILA SAT modules as well as between MAILA SAT and MAILA SPA amplifier module or MAILA COL column module. Both the audio signal and the power supply for the passive MAILA elements are provided via the robust aluminium rails. In addition, SmartLink+® allows the installed satellites to be detected for automatic or manual DSP processing.




  • Ultra-compact passive array satellite speaker
  • Advanced WaveAhead® technology with coaxial driver array + passive membrane for extended low-mid response
  • 5x 1'' titanium tweeter and 1x 6.5'' woofer with SonicGuide® waveguide
  • Frequency range: 100 Hz - 20 kHz
  • Radiation pattern: 100° (h) x 8° (v)
  • Innovative EasySplay® mechanism for angle adjustment (0 - 8°) of each satellite with only one hand
  • SmartLink+® enables cable-free connection of satellite and COL column or SPA amplifier module
  • Scalable to up to eight MAILA SAT satellites
  • Unibody aluminium housing




Product typeMAILA Array Satellite
Midrange size5 x 1 Titanium Dome Tweeter
Woofer dimensions1 x 6.5
Woofer magnetNeodymium
Woofer brandCustom-made
Woofer voice coil1.8
Woofer voice coil (mm)45 mm
Load rating (AES)175 W / 50 W
Dispersion (H x V)100° x 8° Nominal Directivity
Frequency response (-6dB)100 Hz 20000 Hz
Max. SPL Peak (Pink noise)129.1 dB (fullspace @1m, Crest factor 4)
Max. SPL Peak (Sine burst)128.2 dB (fullspace @1m, 10% THD)
Max. SPL Average (Sine burst)115 dB (100 Hz 10 kHz, fullspace @1m, 10% THD)
ControlsEasySplay® angle adjustment
Speaker connectionsSmartLink+®
Housing materialDie-cast aluminium
Cabinet surfacePowder-coated
Width205 mm
Height234 mm
Depth226 mm
Weight7,65 kg


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