LD Systems SAT82 G2W


ลำโพง 8 นิ้ว 2 ทาง 120 วัตต์ ( สีขาว/ราคาต่อใบ )

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LD Systems SAT82G2W
8" Installation Monitor passive white


The LD Systems SAT82G2 is a compact, especially dependable 2-way speaker for demanding installation solutions. It blends unobtrusively into practically any surroundings and thus is also suitable for home systems.

The bass-reflex design is loaded with an 8" custom woofer and a 1“ silk dome tweeter with wave guide, which permit powerful and extremely dynamic reproduction within a range of 50 Hz - 20 kHz with a dispersion angle of 60° and attain a maximum sound- level pressure of 114 dB. The LD SAT82G2 is rated for a RMS power load of 120 W.

The sturdy cabinet is made of 12mm MDF with a durable textured finish and is available in black and white. M6 rigging points and an included mounting bracket provide numerous possibilities for mounting. Additionally, a universal joint mount is available as an accessory. The SAT82G2 has spring terminal connectors.




Product typeInstallation Loudspeakers
TypeWall-mounted Loudspeaker
Low/mid driver dimensions8
Woofer size203 mm
Woofer magnetFerrite
Woofer brandCustom-made
HF driver dimensions1
HF driver size25 mm
HF driver magnetFerrite
HF driver brandCustom-made
Dispersion (H x V)60 x 60
Load rating (RMS)120 W
Frequency response50 20000 Hz
SPL (1W/1m)93 dB
Max. SPL114 dB
Impedance8 Ohm(s)
Protection circuitsHF Driver
Loudspeaker inputs1
Speaker input connectionsClamp connector
Speakers per amplifier channel (DSP44/45K)4
Cabinet material15 mm MDF
Cabinet surfacetexture paint
Cabinet colourBlack
Cabinet constructionBass Reflex
Width274 mm
Height410 mm
Depth243 mm
Weight7 kg


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