LD Systems MAUI 28 G3 INT


ลำโพง Active Column 12×3.5 นิ้ว พร้อมซับ 12 นิ้ว ( ราคาต่อข้าง )


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LD Systems MAUI 28 G3
Compact cardioid column PA system


Compact, powerful and easy to use - a column PA remains the perfect companion for DJs and smaller bands. The LD Systems MAUI series represents this all-in-one concept in every detail and offers an unrivalled PA package in terms of sound, design, technology and handling. Set it up, plug it in, and you're all set!

The MAUI 28 G3 delivers a huge, powerful and precise sound featuring 1,030 W RMS power (2,060 W peak), suitable for all applications: as a main PA for concerts, a sound system for mobile DJs or a public address system at weddings, corporate events and many more.

With its sleek and elegant design, the MAUI 28 G3 looks very appealing. The two aluminium column elements sit at the front edge of the subwoofer, further enhancing the seamless visual impression. The columns are equipped with 12 x 3.5'' midrange drivers and 2 x 1'' tweeters, providing an even sound distribution with constant horizontal dispersion in combination with the innovative phase plug design. In addition, the BEM-optimised waveguide ahead of the tweeters carries the high frequencies even to the very rear audience areas.

The LD Systems engineers also took great care of the crossover filter between midrange and tweeter speakers. The aim was to reduce harmonic distortion and interference to make the sound even more transparent, vibrant and powerful. The result speaks for itself: a highly precise reproduction of vocals and instruments across the entire 120° x 30° dispersion field. The columns of the MAUI 28 G3 are designed as cardioid speakers. This allows for controlled low-mids at the front and up to 18 dB of attenuation at the rear, resulting in a clean stage sound.

Equipped with a single 12'' woofer and four bass reflex ports, the MAUI 28 G3 subwoofer delivers a clear, tight and punchy low end down to 37 Hz. By using a second subwoofer, the bass response can also be increased of up to 6 dB and it can also be driven in cardioid configuration at the push of a button (cardioid preset). In addition, the ultra-durable polyurea coating of the subwoofer easily withstands even the toughest demands on the road.

The MAUI 28 G3 is a real sound machine, yet also convinces with its sophisticated features in the day-to-day life of DJs, musicians and technicians. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, the column PA becomes even more versatile. Transport is as easy as usual, while the enhanced, hidden multi-pin connections between the elements provide increased stability during assembly. There's nothing that can knock the MAUI off its feet so easily...


  • 2060 W Peak-power and 127 dB max. SPL
  • Powerful and deep bass reproduction with 12" subwoofer
  • Balanced mids thanks to 12 x 3.5" full-range speakers
  • Precise and silky highs with 2 x 1" high-frequency drivers
  • Cardioid column for controlled low-mid and midrange sound dispersion
  • BEM optimised HF waveguide and midrange phase plugs for homogeneous dispersion
  • Optimised bass-reflex design improves bass response and reduces air flow noise
  • Can be combined with an additional MAUI® 28 G3 subwoofer for increased low end or for cardioid subwoofer setups
  • New Dynx® DSP (Gen.2) for distortion-free sound even at maximum volume
  • HD Bluetooth® 5.0 streaming
  • Automatic setup detection for quick and easy operation
  • Fast and simple assembly without stands or cables
  • Rugged birch plywood subwoofer housing with durable polyurea-coating
  • Lightweight, powder-coated aluminium column housing





Product typePA Complete Systems
Max. SPL (Peak)127 dB
Frequency response (-10dB)37 Hz 20000 Hz
Dispersion (H x V)120° x 30 °
Total Height2052 mm
Weight35,4 kg
FeaturesBluetooth Audio Streaming, Cardioid column, DSP-based Signal Processing, Excellent Sound Dispersion, Mono/ Stereo Application


Woofer dimensions12
Woofer dimensions (mm)305 mm
Woofer magnetFerrite
Woofer brandCustom-made
Woofer voice coil3
Woofer voice coil (mm)76.2 mm
Cabinet constructionBass Reflex
Housing material15 mm Birch Plywood
Cabinet surfacePolyurea
Dimensions Subwoofer (W x H x D)370 x 527 x 472 mm
Subwoofer weight22.8 kg

Mid/Hi System

Midrange dimensions12 x 3,5
Midrange dimensions (mm)12 x 89 mm
Midrange magnetFerrite
Midrange brandCustom-made
Midrange voice coil0.75
Midrange voice coil19 mm
Tweeter dimensions2 x 1
Tweeter dimensions (mm)2 x 25.4 mm
Tweeter magnetNeodymium
Tweeter brandCustom-made
Tweeter voice coil1
Tweeter voice coil (mm)25.4 mm
Wave GuideCD Waveguide
Loudspeaker inputs1
Speaker input connectionsCustom-made multipin
Cabinet construction mid/highPassive Cardioid
Mid/Hi system cabinet materialAluminium
Mid/Hi system cabinet surfacePowder-coated
Mid/Hi system width103 mm
Mid/Hi system height1540 mm
Mid/Hi system depth135 mm
Mid/Hi system weight12.6 kg

Amplifier module (integrated in subwoofer)

AmplifierClass D
System output (RMS)1030 W
System output (Peak)2060 W
Protection circuitsDC protection, Multiband limiter, short circuit, thermal protection
ControlsBluetooth HOLD TO LINK button, Cardioid On/Off, Main level, Power On/Off, Sub level
IndicatorsBluetooth, Cardioid On/Off, Follower mode, Limit, Power, Protect (protection circuit engaged), Signal, Subwoofer Mode
Mains connectorIEC power cable (included)
Operating voltage100 V AC 120 V AC, 50 60 Hz, 220 V AC 240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
FuseT 5AL / 250 V
Power consumption400 W
Ambient temperature (operating)0 40 °C
Relative Humidity< 80% (non-condensing)
Line Inputs2
Line Input ConnectorsCombo XLR / TRS
Line Outputs1 x Sub OUT, 2 x THRU
Line Output ConnectorsXLR male
Number of speaker outputs1
Loudspeaker Output ConnectorsCustom-made multipin
Bluetooth StandardA2DP
Bluetooth Audio DecoderAAC, SBC

DSP characteristics

Bit depth AD/DA converter24 bit
Sampling frequency48 kHz
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