Cornered Audio C5TRM


ตู้ลำโพงติดผนัง 2 ทาง 2X5.25 นิ้ว



Cornered Audio C5TRM

C5TRM is a loud, strong and energetic speaker with an up-beat personality. Designed for medium output commercial applications or high output home cinema applications, the C5TRM offers an out-of-the-box experience with impressive bass performance from the compact cabinet.

The 5 1/4” Italien woofer features a strong magnet system with state-of-the art-cooling and less than 2 dB power compression. The 1” horn-loaded tweeter offers high sensitivity and combines high output with excellent clarity and controlled dispersion.

C5TRM excels in speech intelligibility, is forward in nature and will cut through even loud background noise. With a very high output-to-size ratio, the C5TRM offers excellent performance in demanding applications.


  • ดอกลำโพงขนาด 2 x 5.25 นิ้ว

  • SPL สูงสุด สูงสุด: 118 dB

  • รองรับต่อแบบ โอห์ม (8 โอห์ม) และ Volt line 70/100 V

  • ตอบสนองความถี่ 55 Hz – 20 kHz

  • การจัดการพลังงาน สูงสุด: 600 วัตต์


  • Power handling, IEC268: 150 watt

  • Power handling, peak: 600 watt

  • Sensitivity, 2,83V/1m: 90 dB

  • Maximum SPL, long term: 112 dB

  • Maximum SPL, peak: 118 dB

  • Frequency response: 55-20.000 Hz

  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm

  • Weight: 4,8 kg

  • Measurement: 441x213x154mm


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