Audio-technica ATUC-50DU+ATUC-M58H


AUDIO-TECHNICA ATUC-50DUa+M58H ชุดไมค์ประชุมใช้สาย สำหรับ ประธาน/ผู้ร่วมประชุม ระบบดิจิตอล ก้านยาว 58 ซม.




ATUC-50DUa Discussion Unit with high-quality audio. Individual Automated Gain Control (AGC), Mic gain and Mic EQ, Compatibility with standard XLR3 pin gooseneck and High quality speaker for enhanced intelligibility.


discussion unit with high quality audio

Whatever your conferencing or discussion needs, the ATUC-50 is designed to offer reliable, clear and intelligible communication to significantly increase meeting efficiency and effectiveness.Voice is the quickest and most efficient tool for exchanging ideas - whether in meeting rooms, councils, classrooms or through videoconference, speech is the most direct way of communication and understanding.Using standard Cat 5 (and above) cabling, the ATUC-50 system connects easily through a daisy chain or ring topology.

  • Connect up to 100  discussion units to one control unit
  • Cascade up to 300 discussion units using multiple control units
  • High quality speaker for enhanced intelligibility
  • Clear LED display for volume control and channel selection
  • Individual Automated Gain Control (AGC), Mic gain and Mic EQ
  • Multicolour LED bar on the DU (rear side)
  • Multicolour LED on the Speak button
  • Compatibility with standard XLR3 pin gooseneck
  • Double gooseneck microphone
  • Paintable front plate 
  • Table top or recessed mounting

Discussion Unit
Dynamic Range107dB A-Weighted
Frequency response+1.0, -2.0dB 20Hz - 20kHz, refer to +4dBu output @1kHz
Sampling Frequency24bit /48kHz
Signal-to-Noise Ratio87dB A-Weighted
ConnectionsInputs: Mic x 1, Outputs: Headphones x 1, CHAIN: DU / CU terminals
Equivalent Input NoiseLess than -121dBu Rs=150ohm
Total Harmonic DistortionLess than 0.07% @1kHz unity
Phantom PowerDC +24V
Power SupplyDC +48V
Power Consumption2.2W
Operating Temperature Range0-40
Operating Humidity25-85%
Dimensions135mm x 148.3mm x 84.2mm
Accessories IncludedQuick Setup Guide, Warranty Sheet


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